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Pokies4fun Gaming Site.

Welcome to the new and improved website. Pokies4fun refreshing new look and feel, provides our patrons a much easier way to contact us, purchase, and download our games direct or via our members portal. Sign up today its free, and be kept updated on all new releases ,updates, and sales promotions, also Android and Mac versions on the horizon. STAY TUNED FOR MORE................. New Games: Pokies4fun has created a number of new games that are now compatible with the new operating systems being Windows 8 and 10 also backward compatible with vista and 7 and are available to download and purchase from here. There will be many new games arriving in 2019 with 25 and 40 line variations and the famous 243 ways as well. Here Now !!! - Goofy Golf Remastered. New Online Classifieds and Gaming Store: Aussieslots has created a new online experience the Aussie Slots Store where buyers and sellers can buy and sell anything gaming related.This is a great opportunaty for gaming providers, collectors and the general public to advertise their products and services in a market place dedicated to the gaming industry. Looking to buy a game board, roms, cabinets, or even a complete slots machine ( Pokie ) as we call them downunder. This store will be the place of the future and access is available through our website or visit https://www.aussieslots.com/store direct, or click on store in our top menu. Aussieslots is a sister site, owned and operated by Pokies4fun and is proudly Australian.


Arcade and Cabinet makers for the home market can now have our games created to suit

the home gaming market with keyboard mapping of buttons and touch screen options.

First two games which will be re-released is Pokies4fun

- Slot Safari Remastered and Spooky Spins Remastered -

Have a feature request let us know by members portal.

Or build a control panel to suit a Pc , and have it sold on our website.

All enquires welcome.

Please Note: All games are for amusement only, no real money can be won.


All of the older style games have now moved to the classic games section of the website.

Games will still be available for download and purchase as a member subscription.

$29.95 buy’s you access to our classic game section where you can download the full

version classic games, yours to keep. *Pokies4fun and Aussie Slots games*

- Slot Factory Games - Not available at present but will be included in the Silver

Subscription at no extra cost as soon as they are made available sometime in August


All Pricing is in US Dollars and Payment system is Paypal or credit card.

Members Area:

Pokies4fun has created a new membership portal that can be accessed from here.

Sign up Today it’s free and keep upto date with new games, products and offers.

Membership tiers are as follows.

Basic Free Subscription = Cost free - Access to Support, downloads and Special deals.

Silver Subscription = Cost $29.95 - Access to the above and Classic full version

Pokies4fun and Aussie Slots games

Affiliate Program Worldwide:

Pokies4fun has created a new Affiliate program portal that can be accessed from here.

Sign up Today it’s free and sell sell sell !!!!!.

While navagating your social media pages earn some extra money its easy and free.

Simply add banners or code that has been provided in our portal and away you go.

Abn: or Tax details not required, and is available to any persons worldwide who has a

Paypal account.

Shareware, Coupon Deal sites and others are welcome to sell our game on their website.

Markets Reseller Program Worldwide:

Pokies4fun has a Markets Reseller Program for the new games on offer.

( Classic Games ) * Not available for resale *

Pokies4fun Require dedicated resellers to set up stall at their local markets

and advertise our games for sale. Codes can be pre-purchased online at discount prices.

Requirements: A stall at your local market with power, a Windows pc setup showcasing

one of our games for sale. Games can be burnt to cd or dvd or supplied on Usb, its upto

the reseller how they want to distribute and can set up there own prices.

Pokies4fun will require some type of photo ID of the reseller before starting.

There will be a page set up on our website with resellers location eg: market stall

infomation so buyers are assured who is authorised to sell our games.

Join up as an Affiliate and contact us if interested.

Pokies4fun. Po Box A188 Arncliffe Nsw 2205 Sydney Australia
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