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Welcome To Pokies4fun Android Games  Not Available on Google Play Store.


News update:
To our fellow pokies players around the world.
Pokies4fun had all its apps and account closed from the google play store.
With about 10 apps that had been there for about 2 years 1000’s of dollars and hour spent
on development down the drain and to top it off those who have our games on their devices
are being messaged from google telling them that the apps are dangerous which is defaming our trademark name.
They are not dangerous they do not contain malware or anything of this kind it’s just a ploy from google to scare users
to remove our games.
Google closed our developer account without any warning and with a generic AI Generated response we breached
their terms and conditions but did not give any details as to the exact issue at hand.
Google allowed one option to appeal the decisions, only a few hours later a response, a AI generated response – denied.
And told to go somewhere else to sell my products.
As everybody else knows there is no other android platform or competitor around to go to.
What does this mean now for us and hundreds of developers around the globe not much who have ended up in the same boat.
Pokies4fun is going to make a stand and move forward and i hope other developers take a stand and follow us on our journey
to remove ourselves from the google monopoly.
Our first step is to open a new app store for our games and other developers and bypass google play store.
More of this in our next update, please forward this page to any persons or developers of games so others may be aware of
googles actions.